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Magic Bubbles Soap Attachment

Regular price $20.00

Make hand washing more fun with mouse-shaped foam! Snap the soap attachment on to a Method foaming soap dispenser (available at Target), then pump out the magic! Attachments can be removed and reused again. Soap dispenser and soap are NOT included.

*PLEASE NOTE* There are 3 different sized Method foaming soap nozzles. These attachments fit over the BIGGER nozzle. Click HERE to view a picture comparison.

Choose which solid color mouse head you would like from the drop down menu. Mouse colors are not interchangeable.

Pump tops are 3D printed with white PLA, a biodegradable plastic made from corn. Do not leave attachments in the heat. It may cause the soap arm guides to warp. Residual foam left in the mouse head attachment may cause liquid to leak. To prevent leakage, please wash holes out with water and dry after use. Rinsing of holes after use will also prevent a build up of soap, so regular rinsing is encouraged! =) 

For a video tutorial on how to use your attachment, please click HERE.